One Month In!

I hit my one month mark in HK this week! Yesterday was my 1-monthiversary with Sister Ramboz!! It’s been a great time so far and we’ll probably get cake to celebrate today. McDonalds sells cheesecake here. Most of the week was just meetings and lessons which are always great but there were a few other highlights this week. Monday: We went to the Tsz Shan … Continue reading One Month In!

Feeling The Spirit

Hello All!! I’m a full month in! It’s crazy how fast time is going and even though some days just feel long and monotonous time really flies!   Monday: For p-day Sister Ramboz and I emailed, took naps, and grocery shopped like the Chinese pohpo’s (grandmothers)! It was awesome! I love just walking around the street markets here and hearing the people hawking their wares … Continue reading Feeling The Spirit

Hello from Hong Kong

Apparently it’s typhoon season here in Hong Kong because we’ve had two in the last two weeks! All is well however, my area wasn’t hit too badly and the work continues! Tuesday: I had my first district meeting today for Tai Po/Tai Wo and it was so good to counsel together about our area and to get advice from the more experienced missionaries。My district consists … Continue reading Hello from Hong Kong