Final Countdown

It’s the Final Countdown! One more week at the MTC, one week from today we’ll already be sitting on our flight to Hong Kong! It’s amazing how quickly time has flown and the pace hasn’t decreased at all for our last week.

Last Monday we were able to go to the temple again for the first time since it was closed for cleaning in July. It was so nice to go and serve in the temple again and to feel the Spirit there. Afterwards we had our traditional P-day picnic as a district on the lawn in front of the Elders’ residence. Picnics are the best. Later that night we had our weekly TRC however they unfortunately didn’t have enough people to Skype that night so Sister Scott and I and Elder Sagala, Elder Finch, and Elder Johnson didn’t actually end up teaching TRC. What Sister Scott and I did instead was record a 3-minute video on faith that we sent to one of our Skype TRCs. The work continues!

Most of the week was the usual schedule of lessons and practice teaching and studying but on Friday during lunch I saw my family while they were here for the open house tour! I was so happy that I could introduce my whole district to my family, it was a blessing! On Saturday while we were hosting the tours we were also able to meet Sister Kimball and Elder Davis’s families while they walked through! Families are the best!

We also got our flight plans to leave for HK on Friday after lunch, it was a full day of excitement and anticipation. We’re all gearing up to leave and even though we have to leave at 3:50 in the morning we can’t stop talking about how excited we are.

Sunday was also really special for a couple of reasons. For our Sunday night devotional Jenny Oaks Baker and her family came to play for us and to speak. The music and their message was so beautiful and it was a privilege to hear about their experiences and their testimony of God’s love for his children. Afterwards, The MTC presidency decided to have everyone watch the Character of Christ devotional recording for the Sunday night movie. Little did we know that right after the movie would end, Elder and Sister Bednar would walk into the overflow seating room in T3 (where Sister Scott and I were seated) and start talking to us and answering questions. It was so amazing to have an Apostle of the Lord be there with us and to answer personal questions and to share his testimony and to bless us. At the end of his time with us he blessed us all to know that when it gets hard, and we are struggling to know if we can endure that we will know we can do this, with the Lord’s help. It was so special to receive that special blessing from an Apostle as a missionary but I also think that it applies to anyone who wants to endure to the end. With the Lord’s help, we can do this. With the Lord’s help, I can do this. With the Lord’s help, you can do this. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His saving Atonement is key to living life and to living life well. Thank goodness that He gives us prophets and apostles and commandments and tender mercies, and even trials to help us along the way.


I love you all!

Carry on!


Sister Cook



With my family during the tour

Me with your travel orders



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