Chopsticks and District Unity

There’s been quite an upheaval here at the MTC this past week, we’ve had lots of changes as a result of the Open House but the work and learning continues!

Last Monday our district all ate lunch together as part of our district unity goals.​​ It was fun sitting outside and chatting with each other, and telling funny stories. After lunch we went to our classroom to play a game to help us learn words and phrases having to do with directions, weather, and animals. The game was based off of a game that I used to teach English in Korea and I was so relieved that everyone enjoyed it even though I had originally come up with it for elementary school students. I suppose small and simple means are the best. We went through one round but ran out of time to play so the plan is to play again today before lunch.

This whole week we’ve had preparation and test runs for the MTC Open House. Basically they’ve had employees of the MTC and BYU and their families come through the tour that they have planned and then give feedback so they can be prepared for the real Open House. On Tuesday our district was selected for a shift of “Testifiers.” Our job was to wait in our assigned zone rooms for groups to come through and then bear a short testimony of the gospel and show them a short video. Sister Scott and I only had one group come to our room since we were scheduled for the first hour of the tour but it was such a good opportunity for us to speak and bear testimony to “real people.” It almost felt like we were Temple Square Sister Missionaries for a little while.

Another result of the Open House is that we had to move classrooms for the foreseeable future. Most every district in the MTC is being moved around and some even had to move from the new buildings to the old buildings. We’re still in the same building and still on the 6th floor but we’re are now in the West Wing of the building and our classroom is slightly smaller. We moved all of our books and language learning materials Tuesday night after the devotional and it was surprising to see how many books I actually had.

On Wednesday we finally had our district chopstick dinner! Brother Anderson brought wooden chopsticks for us to use on Monday and we finally all sat together and practiced using them in preparation for Hong Kong. You learn all sorts of things at the MTC.

On Thursday we moved our desks around during class time so that we didn’t have to sit in rows, it was slightly difficult arranging all 14 of us in the smaller room but it’s quite cozy in our new classroom.

On Saturday we had our last in-person TRC, it was bittersweet especially because one of our TRC assignments were the first couple that we ever did TRC with David and Nicole. Tonight we will do our first Skype TRC with Cantonese speakers in HK. Sister Scott and I don’t really know what to expect but we’re excited to try a new method for teaching!

Yesterday morning Sister Scott and I were called to be Sister Training Leaders for our zone. Basically each district has an Elder as District Leader, then a Zone has a companionship of Zone Leaders that take care of all the districts within the zone and the Sister Training Leaders take care of all the Sisters within the Zone. Our duties are essentially to make sure lights are out at 10:30, do weekly interviews with each sister, plan the Relief Society meetings for each Sunday, and make  sure to always have the STL phone with us. Sister Scott and I decided to switch off days carrying the phone since we both feel a little weird about having a phone with us all the time. We can only call the front desk of the MTC or receive phone calls but it’s a foreign feeling having it with us. It’s surprising how much we’ve forgotten about the real world here at the MTC. Speaking of the real world, I saw my friend Brock at the Sunday devotional last night. The devotional last night was on music and how it can be used to teach the gospel and he came as part of the guest choir for the devotional. I was so surprised to see him there and it felt unreal but I guess in 3-weeks it will be back to the outside-world for me!

One thought that touched me from this week is from the bible story about the boy with the 5-loaves and 2-fishes. I loved how even though the boy knew it would not be enough to feed the five-thousand he still gave them to Christ in faith. As a result of the boy giving all that he had to Christ, Christ made it enough for all five thousand. (Matthew 14) I know in life we give all of our effort and it still doesn’t feel like enough, but if we give our lives and all that we have over to Christ he will make our lives and he will make us enough. I testify that Christ loves each and every one of you and and that He lives! Because He lives we can become like Him and return to live with our Heavenly Father!


I love you! Carry on!


Sister Cook


  1. Me eating a PB&J with chopsticks
  2. Left to Right Elders Swenson, Carter, Davis, and Freeman
  3. My Chinese Name Tag
  4. My English Name Tag
  5. The view from my new desk
  6. Watch Close Up
  7. Elder Finch and his cool HK watch
  8. Chopstick Dinner
  9. Sack Lunch Day
  10. Left to Right Elders Finch, Sagala, and Johnson wearing “Jesus Loves you” beanies

P1050540Copy of IMG_0593P1050575P1050573P1050566P1050563P1050561P1050545P1050502IMG_9601


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